Our values

I. Be crystal clear, transparent and trustworthy, even if it hurts
Our internal and external communication is based on solid facts and honesty. We don't want to mislead anyone as this would cause future problems and mistrust.
II. Personal interactions over business rules
We strongly believe in the Agile principle.
Clients - we want them to be more then just that. They are our partners. This is essential for friendly and productive cooperation.
III. Passion is essential
We only employ people with passion for their jobs. We believe that passion is required to produce high quality products.
IV. Always focus on the project at hand
Focus is something we lose in modern times due to information overflow.
We focus on a single task at any given time as this greatly improves productivity.
V. The company should be a family, not an organization
When people with passion come together there is no need for hierarchy.

What is WENIGER?

WENIGER means less in German. Our inspiration is a quote from the German industrial designer Dieter Rams:

Weniger aber besser
(Less, but better)

The simplest and most refined solutions are often the best ones, Germany's best engineers and designers are known for that. We follow their legacy in our company tackling with new technologies.

Our mission

To develop useful and innovative software tools to improve peoples lives using reliability and passion as our framework.